A Success Story.

Mag. Livius Tramontana was managing different banks for 25 years, including the Allgemeine Bausparkasse. One part of his scope of duties was also real estate financing, which led him into this subject area and enhanced his interests in developing and exploiting real estates.

“Love is a funny thing”: In the year 2008, Mr Tramontana finally made the decision to switch to the real estate branch and started realising projects, together with acquired partners.

Everything started with a project in the 6th district in Mollardgasse 18, where a new construction building with 40 apartments was built for an investor.



This was the beginning of the still lasting story of the CC1 Immobilien GmbH, which is part of the Lead Invest Group.

Through intensive networking and existing bank-contacts, Lead Invest Group was able to acquire private, as well as institutional investors for realizing the projects.

Within the following years, 12 projects had been realized with a total volume of more then 30,000 m2.

Lately, 5 more properties (for living, as well as for business activities) have been bought. Furthermore, some of them have already been sold to some institutional investors.

And we are moving forward...

1060 Mollardgasse 18 Rate of return 20% p.a.
1190 Neustift am Walde 86 Rate of return 50% p.a.
1140 Reinlgasse 46 Rate of return 14% p.a.
2340 Mödling, Enzersdorfer Str. Rate of return 14% p.a.
1210 Floridsdorfer Hauptstr. 24-26 Rate of return 15% p.a.
1160 Wernhardtstrasse 4 Rate of return 25% p.a

1060 Schöpfleuthnergasse 15a Rate of return 15% p.a.
1220 Obstgartenweg 21 Rate of return 25% p.a.
1190 Cobenzlgasse 128-130 Rate of return 20% p.a.
1210 Schwaigergasse 29 Rate of return 8% p.a.
1150 Johnstraße 4 Rate of return 8% p.a.
5010 Julius-Welser-Straße 15 Rate of return 10% p.a.


Our philosophy is to only develop projects, which will be most likely successful, therefore, projects that create lasting values. Each of these projects is built by using maximum quality, as well as modern and individual planning. We are selectively choosing projects, where we are able to guarantee a secure investment, based on many years of experience.

We have not only learned to imitate future trends, but also to think ahead and to set new trends. That success should rather be based on reality than solely on predictions!