What it means to be a Lead Investor.

Lead Investors

are investors, who want to invest in the real estate branch and  are looking for a high rate of return within a short-term investment, which is additionally low in risk at the same time.

Often, Lead Investors do already have long-term investments of real estate portfolios and want to further generate capital with high rates of return.

Lead Investors are not “anonym investors”, they are rather part of one or more huge projects. Therefore, the investor is able to invest in one or more different properties.
The amount of the investment is freely left to the investor, but should exceed €100,000 to be able to work effectively.

When investing in a project, Lead Investors are taking part in providing equity capital with their investments, which are decisive for realizing a project.
To realize a project, 2 to 3,5 years are calculated.

That means that Lead Investors are therefore able to gain about 12% interest within approximately 3,5 years time.


The Amount of Invested Capital

of each Lead Investor depends on his or her willingness to invest and is furthermore coordinated between all Lead Investors, as well as the total financial volume of the project.

There are some flexible options: Lead Invest advices and gives the investors the choice, whether to just have a capital investment with appropriate interest or to furthermore have also a stake of the return at the end of the project.

After a detailed conversation, where all prospective Lead Investors are informed about all opportunities, they can decide whether and with which amount they want to invest in a project.

In principle, Lead Investors are not responsible for any administrative activities of the investment.
All basic parameters and final decisions are going to be discussed before the project is launched and will be valid for all partners for the whole period of the project. 

All Lead Investors are able to track all stages of the construction process, as well as any relevant information, which will be displayed on a special investor-page online. On this page the actual status of the project can be supervised.
Furthermore, the team of Lead Invest is happy to also help with further information.

After realizing the project, the invested capital plus interest is paid out to the Lead Investors.