What Lead Invest is doing.

Lead Invest

develops and realizes real estate projects, which are later be sold to institutional or private investors, as well as to owner-occupiers.

The team of Lead Invest is specifically looking for promising locations, for guaranteeing profitable and sustainable projects.

Lead Invest is mainly focusing on projects, where a potential end user is already found. Each project is furthermore coordinated regarding to the investor’s economical expectations.

These investors are highly liquid and have necessary creditworthiness- they are the so-called “Blue Chips” of the real estate branch.

Together with other Lead Investors own funds are used for purchasing properties.

All project parameters, including the equity on return, are already fixed within this point of time.


Lead Invest

is holding equity share on every project, which promises a profit-orientated work force within the team.

The total amount invested in the project is almost completely covered with the value of the property.

A predicted interest return of at least 8 % p.a. was always exceeded in the past.

The investors are receiving their return for their invested capital after realizing the project, whereas additionally interest is paid annually.

To finalize a project, it takes approximately 2 to 3,5 years, as long as there are no restrictions of the authorities.

Therefore, the invested capital is only tied-up for about 3,5 years.