What we are looking for.


We are hunting for properties according to our requirements profile, as our potential end users are steadily looking for new investments. 

We are verifying diverse offers of real estate agents within a short period of time and consequently we are then deciding to take or reject these offers within 24 hours.
In general, it takes us only 7-10 days to submit a binding purchase contract after receiving a property offer.

Naturally, we are paying any statutory commissions to the real estate agents immediately after concluding the transaction.

Certainly, private agents are rewarded as well.



For the arrangement of investors, Lead Invest is offering a 3% (excl. VAT) commission of the invested amount.

The commission is immediately paid after we are receiving the amount of the investment.

Requirements Profile.

We are looking for properties, like vacant lots and demolition objects, for the purpose of establishing free financed residential buildings, as well as commercial premises. The reconstruction of old, existing buildings is not planned at the moment.

Area Requirements.

All objects should have a net living space of at least 1,500m2, but there is no maximum.


The property needs to have an existing zoning.
In exceptional cases we also acquire properties, which are already in a current rededication process or at least shortly before (1-2 years) and which are already visible in the zoning plan.

A sole estimation of a rededication plan is not sufficient.



We are using two different types of projects

1.    Development projects (which are built for investors for leasing purposes)

Good marketable areas with excellent infrastructures and traffic connections, which have a close tube or S-Bahn connection, are preferred.
We are looking for objects in all Viennese districts, except of the 11th district.

2.    Owner-occupier developments (properties for the end user)

We are looking for very good to excellent areas within the Viennese districts 1-23, except of the 11th district. In Lower Austria, the districts Mödling, Klosterneuburg and Korneuburg are also part of our portfolio.

Furthermore, interesting locations in Austria’s state capitals can also be taken in consideration.

In Exceptional Cases

we are also examining projects of existing buildings which are free of encumbrances, but only if their location is excellent and if no demolition/new construction of the property is feasible (protection area).


We are immediately responding to all of your offerings and valuating promptly, whether we are interested or not.

We are deciding within a week if we are interested in an acquisition. Furthermore, we assure you to treat your offerings with discretion and to reimburse all broker fees at the statutory rate.